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Tom Morrison

Who Is Tom Morrison?

Tom Morrison

Tom Morrison doesn’t have the athletic training background of most coaches; in fact, he didn’t have any interest in physical fitness until he was 24. This is what sets him aside from most trainers: he can relate to having no body awareness and limited mobility and knows that it’s changeable.

Unaware of this at first, his newfound fitness enthusiasm led him down a path of multiple injuries, the worst being an L4, L5 disc protrusion & extrusion with nerve impingement, which left him in chronic pain.

Tom Morrison went from finding real passion for strength, skill, and fitness to becoming a walking injury that couldn’t put his own socks on. His journey from this, his lowest point both physically and mentally, back to full health is what makes him the globally renown coach he is today.

Tom Morrison realised that the people labelled with life-changing or scary diagnoses often struggle to complete basic movements and that simply spending time with the right exercises can transform someone’s life.

In 2017, he developed The Simplistic Mobility Method as the non-negotiable checklist of what every person should be able to do for stable, mobile joints through complete, full body strength. SMM has withstood the test of time, helping people with different training histories and injury backgrounds overcome what they thought they never would have.

Usually you’ll find Tom upside down, lifting something heavy or being absolutely ridiculous in some way to show you that no matter how bad you end up physically there is always a way back. His teaching is so easy to follow and enjoyable – plus he breaks things down in a way that’s easy to understand and remember, without bombarding you with the industry jargon.

Visit Tom Morrison at: GMHyAc8  o8vgOYA  eoWhh3y  r6FVanv

What Are The Best Courses Of Tom Morrison

1. Simplistic Mobility Method

Full Body Mobility Program.

No equipment needed. Nothing fancy. No big words. Just great drills with simple explanations.

You might have a ‘dodgy hip’, ‘weak shoulder’, ‘bad back’, etc, because of injury, training or just from life… and you may have given up hope of getting rid of it – but you can take back control!

2. End Range Training

A complete training program for strength & stability. End Range Training is the perfect balance between what your body needs to function properly and fun challenges that keep you coming back for more.

You get a library of workouts, exercises, follow along classes and a training plan so you can throw yourself fully into End Range, or work it into your schedule.

All the techniques, exercises & workouts are scalable to suit everyone from beginners to advanced athletes.

3. Stability Builder

Unique, high-quality, follow along video workouts to build an unbreakable body

The most efficient stability accessory program.

Stability Builder™ gives you everything you need to be doing in clear, follow along workouts so you can just press play and know you’re not missing anything out.

4. Barbell Basics

In this incredible educational video series you are going to be shown all of the elements of the barbell and how to wield it.

Barbell Basics highlights important technique points and everything to look out for in your own practice. This is perfect for the complete beginner right up to an advanced lifter and even coaches.

Years of working with beginners and more advanced athletes has shown me that people miss the simplest things. Barbell Basics is inspired by the eureka moments that both me & my clients have had during one on one coaching.

5. Ultimate Core

Ultimate Core is an education series which covers complete core strength, and how to easily fit it into your training.

We’ve broken down core training into 4 foundational principles, so you KNOW you’re not leaving any gaps in your training – and have more confidence in your overall strength!


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