Differences Between Lightroom And Photoshop

Differences Between Lightroom And Photoshop

Are you wondering whether to choose Photoshop or Lightroom software to edit and design images? How are Lightroom and Photoshop similar/different? The article below will help you distinguish the similarities and differences between these two utility software.

Introduction to Lightroom and Photoshop

In 1988, Adobe released Photoshop as a graphics editing software, to serve the needs of digital photo editing. This was the leading software in photo editing at that time. Later, Adobe continued to introduce Lightroom software. If Photoshop is for everyone, then Lightroom caters specifically to photographers.

In fact, both of these software are impressive photo editing software in the industry and both have their own strengths. Just use it properly and exploit all the features to help edit images in the most beautiful and professional way.

Differences Between Lightroom And Photoshop

Similarities between Lightroom and Photoshop

Photoshop and Lightroom are both professional photo editing tools from Adobe. Therefore, they also have similarities such as cutting, filtering or editing files from JPEG, TIFF, PNG to RAW.

Both of these software possess a full range of editing tools, from basic operations such as cropping, adjusting exposure to advanced changes such as brushes,… Using Lightroom and Photoshop, users will Experience a variety of built-in effects and filters.

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The Difference Between Lightroom And Photoshop

Photo Editing Process

Although both of these software have many things in common when it comes to photo editing, their editing processes will have certain differences. However, Lightroom will have an advantage when it can be arranged and managed in a unified way.

At the same time, Lightroom also allows automatic photo editing at the same time, automatically applying adjustments to photos. For Photoshop it is necessary to store large and difficult to search editing files.

The strength of Lightroom brings convenience to users who regularly edit photos from importing, organizing, managing, editing to printing photos. Everything in Lightroom is optimized so you can have a comprehensive view of your editing products.

Photoshop does not have the function to transfer files, organize images, and even less to make slide shows or photo books like Lightroom. However, the power of in-depth photo editing on Photoshop will not be inferior to any other photo editing software. That’s why Photoshop is still very popular at the present time.

Process Image Files

Regarding image file processing, Lightroom has a huge advantage: the ability to edit images non-destructively. Specifically, Lightroom will have a backup with all data, user operations, and the original image remaining intact. You can use edited photos to share, print, upload… without losing the original file. Therefore, at any time you can return to continue editing in Lightroom. This is something that Photoshop still lacks.

Besides, Lightroom can also open RAW files directly without the need for support tools like Photoshop. Thanks to that, users will have more convenience in the editing process.

During the image file export step, both software allow adjusting the aspect ratio and image size. In particular, Photoshop allows adjusting image size (Image Size), while Lightroom helps you make size adjustments.

Image Editing Tools

In fact, if you need to batch edit hundreds or thousands of photos, Lightroom’s tools will be very convenient. You just need to edit photos and apply them in batches very quickly and simply. In addition, Lightroom also has simple, easy-to-perform operations to focus on color correction and does not have layers like Photoshop.

In Photoshop, it will be a bit difficult for beginners as you need to learn how to use layers. However, if you need more collage-intensive photo tools, Photoshop is great.

With Lightroom analysis different from Photoshop, depending on your needs and purpose of use, you should choose the most suitable software. You can also use two software at the same time, using Lightroom to support quick, large-volume photo editing tasks and Photoshop to edit in-depth parts.

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