What is Photoshop? What to learn Photoshop for? Who needs to learn Photoshop?

What is Photoshop? What to learn Photoshop for? Who needs to learn Photoshop?

You want to learn graphics but:

  • Don’t know what is Photoshop?
  • What to learn Photoshop for?
  • Who can learn Photoshop?

The article below will answer you everything about this world’s leading design software!

In the article below, we will learn Photoshop and what to do with Photoshop in the future!

What is Photoshop?

For a long time, “Photoshop” is no longer a strange phrase for graphic designers. This is originally the abbreviation for Abode Photoshop, an extremely famous and popular design software among laptop and PC users.

However, for newbies, they may not know what is Photoshop, what is Photoshop cc, and where the different versions of Photoshop are.

Adobe Photoshop is software developed by Adobe with the main function of editing images. This is an extremely important tool for designers, web developers, graphic artists or photographers as well as content creators. other content creator.

They will often use Photoshop to edit images, cut out or highlight, and clarify necessary positions in an image.

As for web designers, they use Photoshop to build interfaces as well as banner images, and create content in posts to make the website more beautiful.

Therefore, if you surf on the internet and come across the term “Photoshop”, it can be understood that people are referring to Adobe Photoshop – a very famous design software globally.

Currently, Photoshop versions online are very diverse.

including full versions such as:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Photoshop Lightroom

Shortened versions like:

  • Photoshop Express
  • Mobile versions for iOS and Android
  • There are even pre-installed versions that just click and run, called portable versions of Photoshop.

Who needs to learn Photoshop?

According to statistics, Adobe Photoshop is software designed for several main audiences as follows:

  • Web designers: They need to know what is Photoshop cc, what is Photoshop to use to build web interfaces.
  • Print designers: They need to master Photoshop versions to create publications, posters, banners…
  • Photographer: Used to edit images or restore old photos. These are objects that cannot be worked without Photoshop.
  • Graphic designer: Professionals not only use Photoshop but can also combine it with other photo editing tools.
  • Non-professional designers: They can learn Photoshop at a basic level, just to serve their work.

In general, anyone can study Photoshop versions as well as learn Photoshop. Understanding what is Photoshop and what is Photoshop cc will help you edit images better!

What to learn Photoshop for?

If you are thinking about learning Photoshop but don’t know what to do, you can refer to some career directions as follows:

  1. Learn Photoshop to become a website interface designer.
  2. Current versions of Photoshop allow you to afford to work as a freelancer, for famous brands.
  3. Join companies and businesses specializing in design, printing or advertising.
  4. Open your own studio, do business by taking artistic portraits.
  5. Work in creative companies, combine other software (such as After Effect, Adobe Illustrator) to become a professional designer.
  6. Learn Photoshop to pursue graphic design: This is a very potential industry, so you won’t have to worry about lack of work or unemployment if you’re really good.

No matter which path you take, learning Photoshop can help you earn a high income. This is truly a hot field of study that is most sought after by young generation Z students today.

5 professional Photoshop courses on Skillscourse.net

1. Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals By Daniel Walter Scott

Go From Beginner To Pro In This All-Inclusive Photoshop Fundamentals Class


  • Easily enhance images by correcting the light and color.
  • Add, remove, and change colors in an image.
  • Select, mask, distort, transform, and manipulate images.
  • Work with text confidently and create flyers, posters, and banner ads.
  • Create graphics from scratch using simple Photoshop techniques.
  • Professionally retouch a portrait and work with filters and effects.
  • Master color modes and understand resolution thoroughly.

2. Master Post-Processing in Photoshop (From Absolute PS Beginner to Pro) By Wenbo Zhao

Have some basic knowledge and skills in Blender I but having a hard time achieving higher quality professional works in post with Photoshop

Don’t have a lot of time filtering free tutorials/content on Youtube to uplift your Photoshop skills

Don’t know where to learn post processing workflow in Photoshop in the right way.

Well, you are in the right place!!!

This course is designed for Blender Artists who need to bring CG images to the next level

3. Mastering Lightroom & Photoshop By Andrew Kearns

A workshop designed to get you the editing results you want. Learn from the wildly talented (and entertaining) Andrew Kearns from Wildist – whose distinct viewpoint has caught the eye of clients like Airbnb, Polaroid, and Sony.

Walk away with the in-depth knowledge needed to control every aspect of your image to build a consistent style. Andrew Kearns provides the in-depth knowledge you need to control the contrast & color and create distinct images.

4. Storyville Lightroom & Photoshop By Heather Smith

Transform your images into magical pieces of art!

  • Urban-Vibes.atn
  • Crazy-For-Color
  • Shadows-Midtones-Highlights.atn
  • Dreamy-Matte.atn
  • Image-Toning.atn
  • Grass-Rescue.atn


5. PSS Photoshop 101 By Shanice Evans

Finally, a course that teaches you Photoshop techniques from beginner level to advanced. Learn at your own pace, get extra help where needed from our supporting Facebook group and conquer the program that you’ve been dying to learn!

I’ve been teaching students different crafts since 2015! I pride myself in making things very easy when teaching. I have sold over 150,000 templates, mockups and courses to date and have thousands of students that make me proud everyday! I love helping others, so everything I pick up and try to master, I figure out a way to share it with the masses. I’m fueled by seeing others use the foundations I’ve created to be creative!! Can’t wait to meet and teach you! XO!

Shanice Evans – PSS Photoshop 101

More Courses About: Photoshop

buy this course

Hopefully through this article, you have grasped what is Photoshop, what is Photoshop CC, Photoshop versions as well as what to learn Photoshop for in the future. If you are interested in graphic design, don’t miss this great software!

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