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What is Clean Health?

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Clean Health

Founded in 2008, Clean Health is the trusted source of results-based online fitness education for personal trainers worldwide. Providing government-accredited initial personal trainer qualifications and continuing education programs, they’ve certified over 60,000 fitness professionals in over 40 countries.

Clean Health offers online courses and live event workshops in nutrition, training and business and has exclusive partnerships with world-leading fitness industry experts and brands, like Layne Norton PhD, Sebastian Oreb, Pure Fitness, BFT, REVL Training, Fitness Playground, World Gym, EMF Fitness Centres, and more.


Our nutrition, training and fitness business online courses and workshops are created and operated by some of the leading subject matter experts in the world.


Our leadership team comprises entrepreneurs and commercial experts who have managed and grown some of the largest fitness brands worldwide.



Our global educator and course curriculum team contains 4 PhDs, gym owners and has 150+ years of experience as personal trainers, nutritionists & strength coaches.


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What Are The Best Courses of Clean Health?

1. Biolayne Nutrition

Are you tired of separating fact from fiction when providing dietary advice for your clients? With all the #broscience out there, it’s hard knowing what to do!

Well, you’re in luck; with the Biolayne Nutrition Certification, you’ll learn directly from Dr Layne Norton, the world’s leading, evidence-based nutritionist.

Spread across two levels, this 100% online course is suitable for personal trainers, medical professionals, nutritionists or general fitness nuts who want to improve their body composition, health and performance or that of their clients.

The Biolayne Nutrition Certification is the world’s leading evidence-based nutrition coaching course, virtually guaranteeing your success as a PT or nutritionist.

2. Performance Nutrition Coach


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The Worlds Leading Online Nutrition Course for PTs & Nutritionists.

The Performance Nutrition Coach (PNC) is the most in-depth and innovative online nutrition course taught over three information-packed levels. In it, you learn how to coach epic transformations with every client from the inside out!

The curriculum blends the latest science with practical tools to create diets and lifestyle interventions for fat loss, muscle building, performance or general wellness.

The Clean Health Performance Nutrition is the leading Online Nutrition Course in the world, virtually guaranteeing your success as a PT or nutritionist.

3. Strength System


Master real-world program design and periodization as a personal trainer!

the Strength System International is the most advanced strength and conditioning certification, created by world-renowned Strength Coach Sebastian Oreb.

The curriculum blends the latest science with practical coaching tools to help you develop programs for strength and performance that you can use with gen pop clients and world champion-level athletes who want to move and look better!

4. Master Female Transformations

Master Female Fat Loss and Strength with Hattie Boydle and Sebastian Oreb

Training the Female Fitness Model is the most female fat loss and strength-building course 100% online, created by world-renowned experts Hattie Boydle and Sebastian Oreb.

The curriculum blends science with practical coaching methods, helping you develop nutrition and training plans for women who want to take their physiques to new levels.

Training the Female Athlete is the leading online female fat loss and strength development course, helping you become an expert in female transformations

5. Training The Physique Athlete

The No 1 Online Evidence Based Nutrition Certification program for personal trainers and fitness professionals!

Training the Physique Athlete was designed to give you a scientifically grounded, step by step process you can use to take a client from the initial consult all the way through to their event or photoshoot. You will learn how to design individualised, safe and results driven programs to create world leading results.


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