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Who is Christian Thibaudeau? 

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Christian Thibaudeau

Coach Christian Thibaudeau and his team, as put together, one of the most comprehensive training resources on the web. From online courses for coaches to abs program, we continuously push ourselves to develop new workout programs and up to date content.

But we didn’t stop there.

Christian Thibaudeau has been involved in the business of training for over the last 20 years. During this period, he worked with athletes from 28 different sports. He has been “Head Strength Coach” for the Central Institute for Human Performance (official center of the St. Louis Blues). His work method enabled him to lead several successful athletes in a multitude of different disciplines.

The Brain Behind The Army

Christian Thibaudeau

Christian is a prolific writer with four books published, each of which translated into at least three languages (The Black Book of Training Secrets, Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods, High Threshold Muscle Building, and the Maximum Muscle Bible). co-written with Paul Carter.

Christian is also a senior author and head writer for the e-Magazine T-Nation. His articles are read by over 400,000 people every week. As a lecturer, he has given conferences and seminars in numerous countries around the world, to audiences ranging from amateur athletes to health professionals and coaches of all types. He competed in weightlifting at the national level as well as bodybuilding, He was also a football coach for 8 years.

Christian developed the Neurotyping System.

Christian Thibaudeau has also developed an approach that personalizes training according to the neurological profile of individuals (athletes) through a comprehensive questionnaire that covers many neurological but also psychological factors. The Neurotyping System is an approach to an athlete’s and client’s evaluation that is any coach’s ultimate tool for individualizing its interventions. It allows the coaches to understand the person’s brain dominance and thus know what kind of training will be best suited to optimize results.

This approach is proven and extremely effective. It allows for significant gains in training but also maximizes athlete motivation and increases client retention for the coaches and of course the gym owners.

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What Are The Best Courses of Christian Thibaudeau?

1. Neurotype 1B Strength & Power Program

Type 1B are performance-driven; they need a program based on both high force and high explosiveness.

They also require plenty of variation, mostly in the form of different exercises.

Because of their higher acetylcholine level, they have good motor control and coordination and they can more easily transfer gains made in one exercise to another one, which is why they can not only get away, but benefit from using a wide array of movement in their training.

2. Christian Thibaudeau – Neurotyping: Founding Principles

Neurotyping is the culmination of his life work. It is the system that explains WHY some people respond great to some forms of training and not to others.

In this one, you’ll learn the science and founding principles behind the Neurotyping system and it will give you solid guidelines to start designing a program for each type of personality.

As a coach, it will make it much easier to design a program that is ideally suited for your client: increasing results and client retention.

3. Neurotyping 2: Program Design

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This course provides you with effective means, methods, and strategies on how to assess a client’s neurological profile.

Since the system is complex we will start with a review of the science of Neurotyping. While it is best to do course 1 prior to course 2; with the recap, if you already have a good understanding of Neurotyping, you will be able to benefit from course 2 as a stand-alone.

In this course, we will focus more on practical issues. Specifically about how to assess a client’s neurological profile and then how to design optimal programs based on both his neurotype and goal(s).

4. Neurotyping 3: Nutrition

In this course, you will see that training should be influenced by your neurological profile, nutrition, and supplementation themselves can directly influence that profile. It will teach you the proper way how to eat to maximize performance.

Indeed what you eat can have a significant effect on brain chemistry and, as a result, on how you feel and perform. If a caloric deficit is the main key to losing fat, how you are feeling while dieting downplays a big role in being able to stay on the diet that gives us that caloric deficit.

This is the last course of the series on the Neurotyping system. This course will be focusing on nutrition and supplementation.

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5. Neurotype 1A – Intensity And Strength Program

Type 1A are extremely numbers-driven and competitive; they must win the workout by besting previous performances and the workout must represent a challenge.

They do not tolerate volume well but recover really fast from high neurological demand and do better on a very high frequency of training.

Isolation work does not motivate them, they need to push heavy weights to feel satisfied. This is what this program is all about: getting you brutally strong!

6. Neurotype 2a: Training Variation Program

This program includes all kind of work, strength work, pump training, functional hypertrophy and even some explosive work. One thing is for certain: you will never get bored with this program!

Big, lean, and strong

This program will get you big and strong. It is the plan that includes the widest variation of training methods, which is what type 2A need. The program is 12 weeks long. The plan is designed for 5 weekly workouts, but the fifth session (pump work) can be optional if you are under a lot of stress.

This program will get you stronger and bigger while always bringing something new to the table.

7. Christian Thibaudeau – High Frequency Bodybuilding Program

“The approach used in this newest program is one of my personal favorites. The high frequency model is not about the number of training sessions per week but rather about the number of times you train each muscle during the week.

The program has you training 4x/week, training every muscle on each of those days. It is constructed to provide ample recovery all while triggering protein synthesis, and is optimal for advanced individuals.

The program has three phases progressing from building a foundation of balanced eccentric, isometric and concentric strength to maximizing strength development. The result will be a strong, hard and dense physique that performs as well as it looks!”

Christian Thibaudeau


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