9 Flexibility exercises to help the body be flexible for health and fitness

Flexibility exercises

9 Flexibility exercises to help the body be flexible for health and fitness

To stay flexible, you need to be able to stretch. This will improve health and fitness levels and reduce the risk of injury during exercise or even when performing daily activities. You will also see a significant improvement in your coordination and if you suffer from joint pain or other health related problems, these exercises will benefit you.

They focus on certain areas of the body and give you a lot of strength and endurance. You can try some stretches to keep your body fit and flexible. So we have put together this article just for you.

Some simple flexibility exercises (stretching)

1. Running Stretch

Step forward with your feet and lower your body into a squat. Put your fingers on the ground. Inhale, then exhale while straightening your right leg and returning to the slack position. 4 times through this flexibility exercise. This will improve your flexibility and allow you to run faster.

2. Side Stretch

Stand straight, feet wide apart. Raise your arms and let your palms face each other. In that Namaste pose, Bend to the right. Hold for 5 seconds and return to the center position. Repeat the same with the left side. Do this flexibility exercise 10 times total to improve flexibility.

3. Forward Hang

Stand up straight and interlock your fingers, behind your back. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, slowly bend down and straighten your arms. Hold for 5 seconds and return to the original position. Repeat that flexibility exercise 10 times.

If you are elderly, consult your trainer before doing this move.

4. Low Lunge Arch

Get down with your legs low and bring your arms out in front of you. Let your palms face the floor. Then inhale. As you do so, slowly bring your arms above your head and straighten them as much as you can. Hold that position for 5 seconds and repeat. Do this flexibility exercise 10 times.

5. Seated Back Twist

Sit with legs straight. Now bend your right leg and bring it over the left leg. Keep your hands in front of your knees. Inhale while your body is still. Exhale as you twist and look over your right shoulder. Hold for a few seconds and repeat with the other side. Repeat this flexible action 5 times

6. Bound Angle

Sit down and bend your knees so that the soles of your feet touch each other. Keep your back straight. Inhale and push your chest up. Exhale and pull yourself forward. When performing this flexibility exercise, place your palms on the ground. Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat 10 times.

7. Cat Stretch

To perform this flexibility exercise, bend your knees like a cat. Then bend your head. When doing this, you should pull your torso back slightly to create a small hump. Breathe in and out for a few seconds and repeat 5 times.

8. Hamstring Stretch

To perform this exercise, sit on the mat with your legs stretched out. Then straighten both arms and try to touch the tips of your toes. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat, doing 1 set. You must complete 10 sets before moving on to the final flexibility exercise.

9. Quad Stretch

Stand up straight on one leg. Bring both hands back and hold your feet. Try to feel the stretch there. Hold for 5 seconds and return to the original position. Repeat 10 times.

Above are 9 flexibility exercises that are good for the body and physique to help you improve your health. Apply and feel the amazing change.

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